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What is web design?

Web design deals with the designing part of a website. Web designing services involve designing the website layout, appearance, as well as the contents that have to go on a website, sometimes.

Stay Ahead in the Competition with the Best Web Designing Services

Various surveys suggest that the first impression of a website remains last for the users visiting it for the first time. Ultimately, it shows that web designs are the first thing that impresses a visitor when they first visit your website. So, it needs to be visually brilliant. With Conncetiq’s web designing services, you can present your website on the virtual marketplace in a well-designed manner.

Connectiq’s Web Design Process

Our pool of talented web designers based in the USA follows a stringent process to pull off some brilliant designs for your website.

website design company

Goal identification

The first and foremost thing is to meet the client and figure out what they require. We try to understand their goal behind creating the website. In simple terms, our team identifies their objective behind the creation of this website.

Defining scope

After goal identification, it’s time to plan things to fulfill all the goals of our client. This includes figuring out designs and features that need to go into the website.

web designing company
web designing service

Generating Sitemap & Wireframe

In the third stage of the web designing process, we remain focused on creating sitemaps and interrelate all the features of the third stage of our web designing process.

Content curation

In the fourth stage, we start curating SEO-friendly content that helps to outshine your website on the major search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

website designing service
web designing company USA

Visual elements

Predefined visual branding is incorporated as directed by the client after we are done with website architecture and contents.


This step deals with testing all the elements that are incorporated into the website. Our testing team takes care of the site compatibility on various web browsers and different devices like Android, iOS, etc.

web designing service USA
web design company USA


Once everything is done, the design is passed with a nod from the client’s side.

Web Design Technology/Language We Use

HTML5 web design services


HTML is responsible for creating responsive website designs that adjust across different devices and platforms on its own.

CSS3 web design service


CSS generally takes care of the visual side of a website and allows adding colors, layout, and fonts that you want.

JS website designing service


JavaScript allows delivering optimal user experience through websites on various devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Jquery web designing company


jQuery is a library of JavaScript functions that enables web developers to make changes to the webpage, data extraction from serves, and much more.

Vue.js website designing company


Vue.js is a progressive framework for JavaScript that comes in handy creating single-page applications as well as web interfaces.

React JS web design company

React JS

React is a free-to-use, front-end, JavaScript library that is used by designers to build a user interface or its components.

Benefits of Hiring the Best Web Design Company based in the USA

  • Mobile traffic is increased aggressively

  • The web development process speeds up

  • Easy maintenance

  • Intuitive user experience

  • The loading time of the website improves

  • Lead conversion rates go higher

  • Bounce rates become lower

  • Useful in securing high-quality backlinks

  • Better SEO

  • Affordable approach

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