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Top 6 Questions to Ask Mobile App Developers Before Hiring Them


There are many mobile app development agencies that can certainly win over your project and don’t deliver the quality you’re looking for. Would you want to hire some mobile app developers who do the work just for the sake of it? No, right? Remember, if you’re investing. Invest in something good or don’t invest, it is as simple as that. Just in case you hire a mobile app developer nearby your area and didn’t get results as expected, don’t you think that’s a gray area for you?

Also, when the cost of hiring a mobile app developer is so high, you don’t want to make any silly move. Being on the same page, I can understand what goes through your mind when you’re looking to hire mobile app developers based in the USA or from countries like India. That’s why we are here with the top six questions to ask mobile app developers before hiring them onboard.

Here we will let you know some major questions that you should be asking before you hire a mobile app developer in India or the USA.

List of top 6 questions to ask mobile app developers

You need to ask and inspect the work done by the mobile app developers in the past before hiring them. Failing to do so can cost you plenty of money and time. So, next time you hunt for mobile app developers, make sure to ask the following questions without any hesitation.

1. Can I see the apps built by you?

You shouldn’t hesitate to ask about the apps built by an app developer. If he/she has done some work in the past, they must be having a solid portfolio to showcase clients. In most cases, app development companies showcase the developed apps through a case study to ensure a transparent approach to showcasing their app development process.

If you come across any such mobile app developers who hesitate to showcase their work, stay away from them!

2. May I talk to previous clients you’ve worked for?

This is another important question that you should ask an app developer before you hire them for your project. This certainly allows you to understand the past performance of the app developers. Not only this helps in understanding the technical abilities of a mobile app developer but also tells more about their personality and approach towards work.

You should ask their past clients how well they’ve handled deadlines in the past, or how well they’ve managed to solve some complex problems.

Remember, the way a mobile app developer handles past clients indicates their approach to your project.

3. Do you follow standard codes and frameworks to develop an application?

In response to this question, all may reply to you with a YES, but it is up to you to ensure whether they are telling truth. Remember, most of the mobile apps are built on some frameworks which eventually help the app development process run smoothly. In case you find that the app developer you are planning to hire doesn’t work with an organized framework or duly follows coding standards, it is best that you don’t hire such app developers.

4. Do you offer post-deployment app maintenance services?

An app development process is a never-ending thing as it involves post-maintenance services. Remember, you should make sure to ask this question before hiring mobile app developers because every app requires maintenance services to run smoothly in the long run. And, if it is offered by the same app development agency or the app developer, it would be best.

5. What kind of smartphone do you use?

This question might sound childish but has great relevance to it. Asking this question allows you to get a better insight into how passionate and knowledgeable an app developer is. Remember, one who develops apps should play around with apps to know the technicalities related to them. Suppose, you’re hiring an Android developer, then he/she should be having an Android smartphone.

6. How will you keep me updated?

If you are about to hand over your app development project to some mobile app developers in India or foreign countries, it is best to find a way around to contact each other. If you are hiring a foreign mobile app developer, there will be a time difference that can cause some hindrance when it comes to contact. But, you should ask and seek a way around to see the progress of your work. You both can decide on creating a shared report duly updated by the mobile app developer hired by you. By doing this, you can see the progress any time you’d want (once updated by the app developer).

With that, we have come to the end of this piece where we discussed the top six questions that you should ask mobile app developers before hiring them.

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