How to build an eCommerce Website? Step-by-Step Guide


Are you planning to set up an online business? If yes, the first thing you’d require is the eCommerce website. Just in case you’re new to this term, let me explain what an eCommerce website is. As far as definition is concerned, an eCommerce website is an online platform that allows selling and buying products and services. And, the best part is that anyone can buy or sell stuff in a matter of minutes with some technical knowledge; it’s that easy.

Previously, the eCommerce business was considered a luxury, but with the emergence of technology and the COVID scenario; it has become an integral part of our life. We tend to shop online rather than visiting a nearby store. If you feel it isn’t a good plan, just look at Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. They are making billions selling things online. What’s stopping you from moving your business online? Trust me, you must have an eCommerce website. If you’re short on a budget, there are some ways to cut down the cost of hiring an eCommerce website development company for developing a desired online store and successfully run it.

Today, in this article we will mention a step-by-step guide on how to build an eCommerce website using WordPress and WooCommerce. If you are keen enough, make sure you don’t miss a thing as it’s coming right from an eCommerce website developer. If you are wondering how to build an eCommerce website like Amazon, then this is the right place for you.

Disclaimer: It is an overview guide (and not a detailed guide) on how to build an eCommerce website step-by-step.

How to Build an eCommerce Website Using WordPress & WooCommerce

1. Choose a suitable domain name for your eCommerce website

A domain name is the web address of your eCommerce website. The best and easy way to come up with a domain name is to target the business or niche of your business. Suppose you are having a beauty care-related website, then you can name it with some words related to fashion or makeup such as, etc.

Remember, you can only get the desired domain name for your website if it is not claimed or owned by someone else. However, you can always check it from different domain name providers like Connectiq, Hostinger, Godaddy, and more. Purchasing a domain name is just the first step. Keep reading to know how to build an eCommerce website from scratch.

2. Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

Web hosting is a place where the data of your website is stored. You can choose a web hosting plan from some of the best domain hosting providers. You can purchase a web hosting plan by simply registering on a web hosting provider’s portal. You will find different plans as per the requirement. Make sure you figure out which plan is suitable for running eCommerce websites in India.

3. Installing WordPress

The next thing you should do is install WordPress and set up your domain and hosting provider with the same. Once you’re done doing this, you’ve successfully set up WordPress. You can now move on to the installation of the WooCommerce plugin to build your eCommerce website in a few easy steps. If you want to learn how to build an eCommerce website easily, continue reading this article.

4. Install the WooCommerce Plugin

Now that you have set the WordPress, it’s time to install the main ingredient i.e. WooCommerce plugin.

Here’s how to install and setup the WooCommerce WordPress plugin:

  1. Login to the WordPress Dashboard
  2. Head to Plugins > Add New
  3. Type “WooCommerce” in the search bar
  4. Then, click install now
  5. After that, you need to activate the WooCommerce plugin

In the first step of the setup wizard, you’ll be able to create the following pages for your eCommerce website:

  1. Shop: All the products will appear on this page
  2. Cart: It is the page where customers can modify their order and make purchasing decisions
  3. Checkout: Here, customers will choose the delivery method for whatever they are buying
  4. My Account: This page will show all the details related to the user including their past orders, address management, and much more.

Once you’re done with these you’ll be required to set up many other things including currency, language, location, etc. After the integration of the payment gateway in WooCommerce, you’re good to go. With that being done, you have built a blank eCommerce website with the best WordPress plugin for eCommerce.

After you are done with these steps, you will be required to pick from some of the best WordPress themes for eCommerce websites. And, you’re done. You have a blank but full-fledged eCommerce website. Once you have added products and customize your site with the help of the best eCommerce website development company; your eCommerce website is ready to roll.

Next up, we will talk about how to build an eCommerce website for free. Stay tuned and bookmark this page.

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