5 Best Platform to Build an eCommerce Website


If you own a business and looking for some of the best platforms to build an eCommerce website, you’re at the right place. Today, we are going to discuss some of the best eCommerce website builders. Without draining millions if you can build an eCommerce website, then what’s wrong with that? Nothing, right? That’s why we urge you to take the assistance of some of the best eCommerce website development companies based in India. Not only do these companies help choosing the best eCommerce store builder but give you different tips regarding the same.

As we all know there are several website builders out there. But, choosing from some of the best is the requirement as it would be best for your business. Now that you are new to this thing, you’d require some guidance on choosing from top eCommerce website builders in 2021. Our content research team has gone through some extensive research and come up with the top 5 platforms to build an eCommerce website on your own. Without wasting further time, let’s dig into the detail.

List of eCommerce Website Builder Platform

  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce and WordPress
  • Big Commerce

If you are not from a web development or technical background, you may find it difficult to understand the eCommerce website builders. So, to help you understand this we have a separate paragraph for it.

What is an eCommerce Website Builder?

Website builders are easy-to-use and understandable online tools that allow people to build a website without having prior knowledge about the design, code, or programming. As far as eCommerce website builders are concerned, they possess the same properties but for the online selling niche. As mentioned in the above listing Shopify remains at the top as the eCommerce website builder across the globe. These eCommerce website building platform are quite simple and works mostly with drag and drop feature. Most of the listed online store builders are used by most people, be it an expert or an amateur (who doesn’t know how to code).

Best eCommerce Website Builder

1. Shopify

Shopify is popular and one of the best eCommerce website builder platforms used by millions of people across the globe. Entrepreneurs with every size of business like to invest in Shopify to come up with a great online store with the assistance of top eCommerce website development service providers such as Connectiq. Shopify has an excellent feature that allows adding as many products as you can, there’ no limit in terms of number.

2. Wix

Wix is another emerging website builder that is known for more than 500 templates as well as drag and drops features. If you are willing to carve a stunning online store without the help of any eCommerce website development agency. Wix places videos and images at certain places in your store that turn your online store into a professional eCommerce store such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. Also, they optimize your site for the moil;e devices as well, how cool is that!

3. Magento

If you’d ask me, I would keep it at the last because of the hefty price it requires (for the paid version). The free version of Magento reminds me of Woo-commerce that is a traditional online store builder used by various eCommerce website developers across the globe. It should be noted that the free version doesn’t include hosting and domain. On the other hand, the hefty price seems justified with the fact that this eCommerce website builder is used by some reputed eCommerce businesses across the globe. If you have got skills, you can create anything your heart desires with the help of Magento.

4. WooCommerce and WordPress

WooCommerce is a well-renowned WordPress plugin. This means you first need to install WordPress then you can install WooCommerce. It is an eCommerce platform that works on CMS (Content Management System) provided by WordPress. In simple words, if WordPress is a set then WooCommerce is the subset. First, you’ll build a website with WordPress and add all the eCommerce store features with the help of the WooCommerce WordPress plugin.

5. Big Commerce

Whether you’re a beginner or a serious business owner, having BigCommerce as your eCommerce website builder is good news indeed. BigCommerce comes with various features which is why it is loved by most users. Moreover, it features plenty of marketing features that can help you promote your website in a good manner.

All that being said, using any of these need some kind of knowledge. If you’re not familiar with basic technicalities, you can hire from some of the best eCommerce website development companies such as Connectiq to fulfill all your requirements.


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