Top 3 Mistakes Avoid When Building A Business Website


Creating a business website requires years of expertise and experience. So, as a new brand, it is your responsibility to get yourself a full-fledged and responsive website that attracts traffic. For that, you are required to hand over tasks to some of the best website development companies in the USA and India. If you are looking to get a professional website developed for your business, we urge you to look for certain features mentioned below.

Top features of a good business websites

Every business website must be having the following features, please have a look and ensure your website has all this.

  1. Domain name
  2. Clear navigation throughout the website
  3. Contact information of your business
  4. Calls to action
  5. Fresh contents and non-copyrighted images
  6. Responsive website
  7. Clear codes
  8. Testimonials and reviews
  9. Blogs page
  10. Trust badges and certifications

Now that we know the features that you should for in a business website, it’s now time to fix various issues that might be problematic for your business growth.

3 mistakes to avoid when creating a business website

1. Unstructured content on the webpages

It is a fact that Google doesn’t push rankings of unstructured content posted on your website, as a result, your business website is not visible to users across the globe. Remember, you can’t put content on your website for the sake of it, it must add some value in the query of the users. Google has already clarified this many times. It says if your content can’t satisfy the needs and queries of the users searching on their platform, it won’t rank them. So, it is best that you start putting valuable content on your website, in case you haven’t started doing that yet.

2. Poor navigation throughout the website

Navigation plays a vital role in how much time potential leads spend on your website. Some might go away in minutes, while some want to stay a bit long, especially if they find what they have been looking for. In any of the cases, you need to make sure that they find moving from one web page to another quite easy. In simple terms, you should clearly state everything on the business website that you own. A website with good navigation is always known to engage a lot of audiences.

3. Lack of social links

Social links are one of the important mediums to give voice to your brand. Lack of social links in a website can restrict your brand from outreaching the world. You should be keeping social links to some of the important pages such as blog pages, photogenic products, or product pages (in case you have an eCommerce website). As we all know photogenic products or contents are likely to get shared, so, you need to embed social sharing links to such pages.

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