How to Rank Higher on Google? SEO Tips Inside


Recently a lot has changed in the world of SEO, and there are a lot of tips surfacing here and there on the internet. Having said that the basic principles haven’t gone anywhere. If you are running a website, you might know a lot goes behind a website, and search engine optimization is one of the vital parts. At present, targeting keywords to drive in traffic doesn’t remain the sole contender of the SEO tips, there’re many now. With so many SEO techniques doing rounds over the internet, it is time to filter them out for your benefit. Understanding this, SEO services providers are offering probably everything under their plan to keep your website up and running effectively. Just in case you haven’t hired from some of the best SEO companies in India make sure you do so. These SEO agencies help you in many ways to help your website rank higher on some major search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

If you’re on your own, we urge you to check from some of the best SEO tips to rank your website higher on Google. Make sure you follow all the tips as it is for your benefit. Let me remind you, these all are tried and tested SEO methods suggested by experts. So make sure you try them too.

List of Best SEO Tips to Improve Google Search Ranking

1. Webpage Speed is the Key

Remember, page speed is the critical area of SEO and you need to remain focused on it. Previously, you could get away with a slow site. But, that’s not the case now. Everyone wants their queries solved earliest possible. It is why you need to optimize the speed of the webpage. If you’re not aware of this, a website that loads in more than 3 seconds tends to lose 40% of new visitors, while 80% of the returning visitors are lost. Keeping this data in mind, you should work towards optimizing the page speed by hiring some SEO agency based in India as Connectiq.

2. Write for Users in the First Place

Google has a strict content policy and requires you to present your original content to the users out there. You should make sure that your content should add value to the query raised by users on Google. If the search engine finds that your content is rich and adds some value, it will push content further, as a result, your website ranks higher.

3. Curate Unique and Relevant Meta Descriptions

Most people neglect this but it remains one of the important areas where you need to work on. Yes, the meta descriptions are the first thing that people see when search engines pop up your page in front of them. No doubt you should write meta descriptions for every page, also, you should make sure that it should be unique. In simple words, you can have the same meta descriptions for the service page and the about us page, it’s that simple to understand.

4. Simple and Readable URL Structure

If the URL structure is not readable by the users, it might also not be recognized by Google. Doesn’t matter if the URL structure gets long, as long as it is understandable, that’s fine. As google bots are only systems and not humans, you need to direct them accordingly so that they crawl your site accordingly.

5. Don’t Change Your Domain Name Frequently

Domain age and name is another factor that lets Google index your site. It is because Google doesn’t want to show up a website that is not pretty old or active enough. That’s why it is better to stick with a domain unless there are many reasons to change it.

Apart from these, many other factors are there that help to improve your SEO score. We have listed some below as well, have a look.

1. Remain consistent in content publishing
2. Right keywords for images
3. Trustworthy backlinks are appreciated by search engines
4. External linking is important to grow

That’s all for now in this piece, we have you’d follow our recommendation and hire from some of the best SEO agencies in India to get you home. Also, make sure to read our roundup on some of the best WordPress website support service providers from around the globe.


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