List of Top 10 CRM Softwares for Businesses


CRM system has been in demand recently due to its usability in the business sector. It is one of the important tools that define the relationship between business and customers related to it. Remember, if you are here in search of the right CRM system software then believe me you’re at the right place. Here we will cover some of the best CRM software available in the market and some details about an emerging CRM software development company named Connectiq.

Now that you’re here let’s discuss some of the major and popular CRM systems available to date. All we know is that a business with loyal customers flourishes more than ever in any part of the world. So, to understand their demands and requirements a business needs to take the help of the customer relationship management development company based in the USA. Let’s not waste further time and dig right into the topic.

Top CRM Softwares to Implement

It is a well-known fact that the right customer relationship management (CRM) software helps to stay connected with your customers. Not only it helps in uplifting business but streamlines the whole business process. You should understand that the right CRM software development company can help to take a business to the next level just because of the custom CRM software development services. To satisfy your quest for CRM software, here we have listed the top 10 CRM software that you can implement in your business this year.

The top 10 CRM software for businesses:

  1. Ontraport (Best CRM for automating online transaction)
  2. Nimble (Best CRM to customer prospecting)
  3. Nutshell (Best CRM for sales management team)
  4. Zoho (Best CRM software to scale up your business)
  5. Salesforce (Best CRM system software for sales cloud)
  6. Bitrix24 (Best CRM system for multi-channel communication)
  7. Pipedrive (Best CRM for easy usage)
  8. Apptivo (Best business management CRM software)
  9. Close (Best CRM for internal sales management team)
  10. NetHunt (Best CRM for Gmail power users)

Qualities of a Good CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a vital tool that keeps up with the sales and contacts in one tidy and manageable place. Your CRM should be able to cover all the touchpoints, whether it be web visits, calls, emails, chats, campaigns, etc. Do you know why are these important? It’s because somehow they give an idea about the behavior of your customer and allows you to offer customized services.

Having all that being said, it is important to address that every business has different criteria when it comes to CRM software. We are aware of this thing and decided to add on some qualities that a good CRM should be having.

Have a look at it!

1. Ease of use

If a user logs in for the first time, s/he shouldn’t feel uneasy to browse through your websites. If this is accomplished, you’re there. Providing in-app direction is mandatory as it helps customers enjoy the first-hand experience of your site. However, you need to understand that CRM software has certain limitations and you need to expect from it accordingly.

2. Contact management

As you know the heart of your business is customers and managing their contact data is quite important. Not only CRM helps in grouping the contacts of the customers but generated personalized messages and emails for different customers associated with your brand.

3. Reporting

If you can’t analyze it, you can’t manage it. Yes, that’s the thumb rule of successful interpretation of data associated with a business. Ideally, CRM software implemented by a business house can generate various data as requires to deliver the best possible customer services.

Remember, every CRM software is good on its own, but finding a perfect one for your business is independently your choice. Make sure you’re choosing the right custom CRM software development company to develop software that resembles the property of the top 10 CRM software listed in this article.


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