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What is web design?

Web design is a design of websites that are unveiled over the internet. It usually deals in the appearance of the website rather than the development part. Web designing involves working on the layout, appearance, and also contents of a website, to an extent.

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Data suggests that 95% of the users’ first impression is mostly related to web design. This indicates that the design of a website is the key to attract customers. With top web designers on-board, we are confident to offer the best web designing services.

Web Design Process

Our designers follow an extensive web design process to help you maximize your business with a well-compiled website.

website design company

Identifying Goal

The first stage is to meet with clients to figure out the goals the new website is supposed to fulfil. In simpler words, what is it’s objective?

Scope definition

Once we are aware of the goals, now it’s the time to move ahead with the scope projection, i.e. figuring out what web pages and features are required to fulfil the set objective.

web designing company
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Creating Sitemap & Wireframe

In the third stage of the web design process, we are focused on ploughing sitemaps and defining how to interrelate the website features that we discussed at the time of scope definition.

Curating Content

Now that a broader picture is in the mind, we start to create SEO-friendly contents to help the website outshine in the major search engines.

website designing service
web designing company India

Visual elements

With the site architecture and content in place, we move ahead with the visual brands that are usually predefined by the clients.


By now, all the pages are created and ready to check how it appears from the visitor’s point of view. It includes testing the site on different browsers and a range of devices to identify any problem using automated crawlers.

web designing service India
web design company India


Once everything goes well, we decide the launch date with clients and possibly the communication strategy.

Web Design Technology We Use

HTML5 web design services


HTML, an acronym for HyperText Markup Language is used to create a responsive web design that automatically adjusts various devices.

CSS3 web design service


CSS generally takes care of the visual side of a website and allows adding colors, layout, and fonts that you want.

JS website designing service


JavaScript allows delivering optimal user experience through websites on various devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Jquery web designing company


jQuery is a library of JavaScript functions that allow developers to modify the webpage, extracting data from servers, creating effects, animations and much more.

Vue.js website designing company


Vue.js is a progressive framework for JavaScript that is useful in building single-page applications and web interfaces.

React JS web design company

React JS

React is a free-to-use, front-end, JavaScript library that is used by designers to build a user interface or its components.

Benefits of Website Designing

  • Improved User Experience

  • An Increment in Mobile Traffic

  • Speeds Up the Website Development Process

  • Hassle-free Maintenance

  • Website Loading Time Gets Improved

  • Higher Conversion Rates

  • Lower Bounce Rates

  • High-Quality Backlinks

  • Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Cost-effective

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