inbound call center outsourcing services in India

Types of Inbound Call Center Services

We at Connectiq offer two different types of Inbound call services given as under:

  • Shared Inbound Call Center Services
  • Dedicated Inbound Call Center
  • Blended Call Center

Our call center experts are always at the forefront handling various inbound call center services for you. You can choose from various types of inbound outsourcing call services and we ensure we provide it with our best possible effort. It is important for us to mention that Connectiq follows all telemarketing regulations while providing your customers with various kinds of assistance.

Our Inbound Call Center Services Includes:

Technical Support & Helpdesk

Technically handy agents are placed to take all the troubleshooting and technical support calls from your customers.

Customer Service

Experienced and skilled agents working with us are known to assist customers in a friendly manner.

Appointment Scheduling

We help your customers schedule their appointments that fit with your business timings.

Sales Order Processing

Also, we assist all your customers with their orders, and available options or upgrades.

Customer Retention

The friendly manner and welcoming attitude of agents associated with Connectiq’s inbound telecalling services help to maintain your relationship with all the existing as well as potential customers.

Answering Services

Don’t worry, we have a spare agent always there to answer your customers’ calls 24*7.

Reservations & Bookings

With our outsourced inbound call center services, your customers are facilitated to make reservations across various channels.

Lead Qualification

Our call center agents are trained enough to determine a quality lead before it is passed on to an internal team associated with your business.

It is a fact that inbound call centers create business opportunities, and no one can deny it. We are always up to help businesses that are not much recognized, that’s why we offer affordable call center services for small businesses.

If you’re an owner of a small, medium, or large-sized business, contact us to get the best inbound outsourcing call center services. There might be various reasons why a business outsources the inbound contact, but the foremost reason to do so is to free the internal team and let them keep focused on all the projects.

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